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What are Dark Circles Under the Eyes and How to Treat Them

treatment for dark circles

Dark circles under eyes are a common problem of both men and women, although they can rarely be seen in youngsters. As people age, the skin becomes thinner and collagen is lost, sometimes increasing the presence of blood vessels under the eyes and making the region appear darker. Dark circles are not necessarily a sign of tiredness, but fatigue and stress seem to worsen the facial appearance of many folks, including their likelihood to develop dark circles.

The Physiological basis of Dark Circles

The area around your eyes is the thinnest and most subtle skin of your face. Like all skin, the skin around your eyes is webbed with tiny blood vessels and tiny capillaries that red blood cells have to stand in line, and at times bend in half, to get through them. Blood at times leaks from these capillaries, this probably happens all over the body all the time. This leaking blood isn’t a problem; your body has a way of taking care of it. Unluckily, your body’s mopping-up process to eliminate that loose blood is what causes it.

What Causes it to Happen?

You may experience this round, uniform areas of pigmentation due to heredity, allergies, or sun exposure. These dark under eye circles can make you appear exhausted and haggard, although late nights and lack of sleep are sometimes the main cause. Getting rid of dark circles means first identifying the exact cause:


Like several other skin conditions, dark under eye circles are usually an inherited trait. It’s very common for family members to have comparable dark circles. The skin that is under the eyes is very thin and delicate. When the veins are close to the surface of the skin, it can give the appearance of a dark or blue color. The thinner your skin, which is also genetic, the darker the circles will appear.

Itchy Eyes

Any condition, such as asthma, allergies, or eczema that causes the eyes to itch contributes to under eye dark circles. Extreme rubbing of the skin will only worsen the situation. Hay fever sufferers usually get under eye circles during hay fever season. What’s more, certain food allergies can also cause it to happen.

Exposure to Sunlight

The sun causes pigmentation to be exposed to the surface of the skin. This is true in lighter or darker skinned individuals. The more you’re exposed to sunlight, the more natural skin-coloring that is affected. This contributes to the presence of under eye circles. It is advisable to wear large sunglasses.


A diet that is not properly balanced, or not containing vital nutrients, can contribute to dark circles under the eyes or black circles under the eyes.


Individuals with a tendency to have black circles or dark circles under eyes will find that as they age, the circles will become more noticeable and permanent. What’s more, wrinkles under eyes will make dark circles even more noticeable.


Several medications cause an increase in blood flows. This can make the blood vessels under eyes to increase, giving the appearance of dark circles.

Lack of sleep

The lack of sleep can bring on the black circles under eyes. The wearier you are, the more the skin allows blood under the eyes to be evident. This makes you look darker or blue in complexion under your eyes.

Pregnancy and Menstruation

Many women’s skin becomes very light during pregnancy and menstruation. This allows the veins under eyes to be more noticeable and darker looking.


before and after dark eyes

How to get rid of Dark Circles

There are several ways to getting rid of dark circle eyes. On the market, you will find several products that can help eliminate black circles under the eyes. Use these products carefully. You can also think about some home remedies too.

For instance, applying a slice of a raw potato or cucumber to the area can be very helpful. Of course, remedying the cause can also be very important. Getting a complete eight hours of sleep as recommended by most doctors will help reduce the appearance of the circles.

If you have black circles under your eyes, find out what is causing them. Try to fix this condition, if possible to get relief. If not, there’re several products on the market that can help to make your black circles under eyes go away or at least look better.

Reasons why you should use an Eye Cream

Eye serums are becoming very popular with senior citizens to young adults who are looking to restore young-looking qualities to the skin around their eyes and correct signs of aging like wrinkles, years of sun damage, and circles under the eyes that appear as part of the natural aging process.

Ingredients are most important to any under eye serum you chose to have as part of your anti-aging plan. Natural ingredients like red and green seaweed extracts and hyaluronic acid work as a base to add moisture to the skin. The rest of the ingredients depend on the precise purpose of the product, as eye serums aim to treat several signs of aging. Some eye serums strictly aim to treat dark circles and discoloration, while others treat wrinkles. Some can be used to treat both, as well as removing sun spots.

Common ingredients in the best eye serums include haloxyl, eyeliss, argireline, retinol, matrixyl 3000, hyaluronic acid, and caviar. Vitamin C, Acai Berry, red and green seaweed extract, green tea, and resveratrol are some of the most commonly antioxidants used in eye serums.

You can use eye serums starting at any age; however, most users of eye serums fall into the bracket of 25-65 years. It is never too early to start nourishing your skin with anti-aging ingredients made to help your skin restore young-looking qualities and look younger, and it’s never too late to start trying to restore the looks of your youth. The best eye serums can help take years off your old appearance in just 30 days’ time.