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Exercises For The Face To Make Your Skin Tighter

skin exercises

The skin is relatively the most sensitive organ in the entire body. Not only does it enclose the vulnerable and delicate cells in the body, but it also provides the beauty of the body. Most of the body parts can be flexed, and for that, it makes them easy to maintain their perfect condition. Especially those with muscle in them. But the skin might seem challenging to perform a number of exercises, though that can be done manually using the hands. These exercises aim at the eyes, lips, cheeks, nose and neck, and they help to make the skin firmer. Here are some of the exercises for the face to make your skin tighter;

1. Eye Exercise

The eye is one of the areas that will have loose skin, and these exercises would help tighten the skin;
• Position your fingers on the temples of the eye, and ensure that you have closed the eyes during the exercise. As you close your eyes, move the eyeball, like you would when you are looking around. As you rotate your eyeballs, maintain your fingertips on the eye temples. This should be done for about 20 seconds, and three times in a day for the best results.

• While seated in a relaxed position, lift your eyelids at the same time, both the upper and lower lids. But you should not open your eyes in the process, and you should do it for about 10 seconds, for about 10 repetitions. Doing this 3 times in a day can yield good results.

2. Lips

The lips are also vital organs that needs to have a smooth, and firm skin, and these exercises can help make the lip area firmer;
• Smile. Smiling helps a lot, and when you smile, you will be able to sustain the strength of your muscles around the lips.
• Pout. Pouting in a way that you are throwing flying kisses can also be effective, and it can help to make the lips firmer. You can also do this 3 minutes every time you do it.
• You can also make the pout, and move your lips towards your nose, which will help to make the sagging lips firmer. You can maintain the position for about 10 seconds, then release it, until you have finished about 3 minutes.
• Sucking A Lollipop. You can also suck a lollipop hard enough, till you feel its enough, then release it, and repeat this for about 10 times.

3. The Forehead

The forehead is also another region that receives many stretch marks, and sagging skin, but this exercise can help;
• Place your index finger over your eyes as you raise your eyebrows, and when doing this, you should be pulling your finger down. This will help if you do it constantly.

4. Cheeks

• Twist your lips tightly, inwards, and when doing this, ensure you have sucked in air to make your cheeks bulge out. When your lips are twisted inwards, you will then attempt to smile, and do it hard enough. You can repeat this for 10 times and in every rep, take 60 seconds.

These exercises can help your skin firm, and you will not need any medication, or any product. Rather, you will need to commit yourself and do it as frequently as you can for the perfect results.


The video below shows exercises to lose your double chin and tighten your jawline. Get to work ladies!